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Compression Bra

Compression Bra #51000

Morris Designs’ Compression Bra, #51000, post-surgical bra is designed with extra compression material in the stretchable cups. This gives added support following surgical procedures on the breasts.

Compression Bra for post-surgical support

Compression Bra #51000

This makes the Compression Bra #51000 ideal for wear during the recovery from breast reduction or augmentation.  This post surgical bra has a zippered front closure with adjustable Velcro straps for easy application and comfort. The attractive no-underwire compression bra features stretchable, seamed cups for proper healing, support and comfort following breast surgery.  The zippered front closure and velcro straps ease application and allow use right on the operating table if desired.


51000zip_seam51000velcroUsing the proper compression bra after surgery helps improve blood circulation, minimizes swelling, keeps implants in their correct position, and helps flush the body of potentially harmful fluids, accelerating healing. This enables the patient to resume normal activities more quickly.
The Compression Bra #51000 has both a front zipper and velcro closures on the shoulder straps allowing it to be used right on the operating table if needed.

Colors and Sizing

The post surgical compressiion bra #51000 is available in white. Standard sizes, XS, S, M, L and XL are available from stock.
Custom sizing is available for larger sizes. We welcome custom orders; see the “Measuring Center” link below for more information.

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