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Which Compression Wear?

Posted on Mar 15, 2014 in Kathy's Korner

Compression Bra #51000

Compression Bra for Post Surgical Support After Breast Augmentation or Reduction

There are many reasons to wear garments that compress and support the body.  Wearing compression garments following surgery is often mandatory to adequately support affected areas during healing.  Support during activity or exercise to prevent discomfort or swelling is a second medically related reason to use compression wear. Body shaping by re-contouring areas of the body with compression rather than  undergoing surgery is an attractive alternative for many people.

There are many fine suppliers of sports-oriented compression garments and their offerings are often both stylish and effective for their purpose.  However, multiple types of compression wear are required to best address these various uses.  The degree of support and the importance and even the definition of optimal fit can differ significantly across these uses.  Using a compression garment designed for support during or following sports or exercise for post-surgical support is possible but that garment is unlikely to be as well suited to that purpose as one designed specifically for it.   Similarly, the cosmetic contouring uses of compression wear such as non-surgical control of gynecomastia in men will often require more “compression” than is usually offered by sports-oriented compression garments.

Post Surgical and High Intensity Body Shaping Garments are Different


Standard Abdominal Girdle for Post-Surgical Use — Very Adjustable and Opens Fully on the Operating Table

These differing uses dictate the types of fabrics used and the need for higher levels of “focused compression”  impose styling limits on garments designed to optimize post-surgical support and body shaping.  It is very difficult to get “high compression” fabrics in a wide variety of colors.

The need to put multiple layers of fabric in focused locations and the required reinforcing seams, and sometimes stays, make style a secondary requirement for these garments.  Actually, minimizing the visibility of the garments under clothing is the primary styling driver.

How do you Choose Post Surgical Garments?

Usually the post-surgical choice is driven by your physician who knows the specific requirements to optimize healing for the type of surgery performed.  They either supply the garment(s) or give you the specific requirements of garments to be worn to optimize healing.  They may also make specific recommendations or give you requirements on what to wear for some period after the initial garment is no longer required.

Zippered Male Vest -- Usually used for body shaping with mild to moderate cases of Gynecomastia

Zippered Male Vest for Gynecomastia and Abdominal Support — Double Reinforced Chest and Abdomen– Post Surgical or Body Shaping — Beige or Black

How do you Choose Body Shaping Garments?

The body shaping use is less well-defined.  It is largely a matter of determining the degree and type of compression needed to get the desired effect(s) and then choosing from the garment types that can do the job.  Style and color choices are usually limited.  White, Beige and Black dominate among the post-surgical and high-compression body shaping garments; largely because of the limitations of the high-compression fabrics used.

The Importance of Proper Fit

Proper fit is very important for both post-surgical and cosmetic body shaping uses of compression wear.  Ensuring that the proper support is delivered to exactly the right places without causing discomfort elsewhere can be a challenge with off-the-shelf “standard-sized” garments.  For some people and some needs, off-the-shelf sizes will work well.  For some types of garments, individualized custom sizing is almost always required to ensure both comfort and that it will do the job as designed.

Morris Designs specializes in custom fitting post-surgical and cosmetic body shaping compression wear.  We have standard-sized garments on the shelf ready to ship but for the absolute best results, custom fitting is very often the best choice and for some garments it is required.