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Custom Sizing Available – Custom Orders are our Specialty

Custom Sizing Available – Custom Orders are our Specialty

Posted on Nov 27, 2013 in Featured, Portfolio


Custom Sizing and Ordering

Designing and manufacturing attractive and comfortable post-operative compression wear is only a small part of our business.  Service to our customers (doctors, patients, hospitals and clinics) is our number one priority. Custom sizing orders are our specialty, odd sizes are not a problem, and we are aware that “one size does not fit all.” All of our compression garments are available to be custom sized and manufactured.

Custom Products

Seamstresses at work

Seamstresses at work

We are one of the few companies that will actually design special niche items for our customers. We can design and manufacture the cloth items needed by health care institutions, i.e. drapes, gowns, baby monitor straps, etc.

An IBS 100 on a Mannequin

IBS 100 on Mannequin

Regular Products

Our fine compressionwear line of garments consist of both women and men’s designs. Our women’s designs include, body suits, girdles and bras. Our men’s line includes bodyshapers, gynecomastia vests, and girdles. We also offer post surgical binders, and facial support garments.


For custom ordering call Morris Designs and speak with a Garment Specialist. Mon — Fri, 9AM-9PM Eastern Time Domestic toll free: 1-800-766-5578 International: IDD Code+1+757+463+9400 Please note: Because custom made garments are unique to you, custom orders are not returnable.