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Compression Garments for Men and Women

Compression Garments for Men and Women

Posted on Nov 27, 2013 in Featured, Portfolio


Post Surgical Support and Shapewear for Men and Women

Our fine compression wear line of garments consists of both men and women’s designs. These compression garments are designed for optimal post surgical support but are also used for body shaping and smoothing. Our commitment to “making healing more appealing” is more than our motto.

Our attractive women’s designs include, girdles, bras, and body suits.
Our men’s line includes gynecomastia vests, girdles and bodyshapers.
Our line also includes abdominal binders and post surgical facial support garments for men or women.

Women’s Garments:


  • Panty Abdominal
  • Sling Girdles
  • Pull-On
  • Standard
  • Zippered Abdominal
  • Zippered
  • Pull-On Abdominal
  • Pull-On Support

Body Suits:

  • Improved Body Shaper

  • Bra With Cups
  • Bra With Sleeves
  • Cotton Bra
  • Compression Bra
  • Extra Compression Bra
  • Bra Without Cups
  • Band Bra
  • Zippered Bra Without Cups

Men’s Garments:


  • Gynecomastia Vests
  • Gynecomastia T-shirt Vest
  • Zippered Male Vest

Body Shaper:

  • Bodyshaper for Men


  • Male Abdominal Supporter
  • Standard Male Girdle
  • Standard Male Support Brief
  • Pull-On Girdle

Binders and Facial Support

Our binders and post surgical facial support garments can be worn by both men and women.


  • Dale Binder
  • Woods Binder

Post Surgical Facial Support:

  • Chin Support Dressing
  • Otoplasty Band

Quality and Manufacturing

Since our founding in 1984 the quality of our garments has been maintained by using only the finest latex free compression material available and through the employment of experienced and dedicated seamstresses.  All garments are USA manufactured in our Virginia Beach, VA. facility.  We are proud of our success and will continue designing new garments for the future.

The Morris Designs Support Team