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Bra With Cups

Bra With Cups #31000

Bra With Cups

Bra With Cups

The Bra With Cups, #31000, is a post surgical compression bra that provides extra firm support using wireless, stretch cups. This surgical bra uses no under wiring and has a zippered front closure with adjustable Velcro straps. This bra is designed for proper compression to enhance healing, give support and stabilize the breasts during healing after surgical procedures such as breast reductions, breast augmentation, breast implants and mastectomies. Our Bra With Cups is attractive and helps to achieve a pleasing cosmetic appearance while supporting and stabilizing the breasts during the recovery period.


Using a compression bra such as the Bra With Cups after surgery improves blood circulation, holds down swelling, keeps implants in their correct position, and helps flush potentially harmful fluids from the body. This can speed healing, and allow the patient to resume normal activities sooner. The wide shoulder straps, sides and back keep the bra from “digging in” and restricting the flow of fluids from the breast and chest lymph areas. This makes the Bra with Cups attractive to patients with lymphedema issues and those who find bras with narrower bands uncomfortable.

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