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Compression Bra 21000

Compression Bra 21000 Surgical Bra

Zippered Bra Without Cups

Compression Bra 21000

Compression Bra 21000 Zippered Bra Without Cups

Our Compression Bra 21000, Surgical Bra is designed using extra compression material without any cups. This compression garment is designed for proper healing, support and comfort following breast surgery. This post surgical compression bra fits like a vest. It has a zippered front with adjustable Velcro straps for easy application and comfort. This bra is not as tight fitting as our Extra Compression Bra.


Compression Bra 21000 Shoulder Closure

Compression Bra 21000 Velcro Shoulder Closure

Using this zippered bra without cups after surgery improves blood circulation, decreases swelling and helps rid the body of potentially harmful fluids. This accelerates healing, and enables the patient to resume regular activities more quickly. The #21000 surgical compression bra is ideal for wearing during the recovery from breast reductions.


Zippered Front

Zippered Front

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