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Men’s Compression Vests

Men’s compression vests are often worn for post surgical support of the chest or upper abdomen. Our Gynecomastia Vests are male surgical compression vests that are recommended for support after surgery on the breasts, chest, or abdomen. Our Zippered Male Vest, with its reinforced chest and abdomen panels, offers even stronger support. These vests can also be worn to cosmetically smooth the torso after rapid weight loss or to minimize the apparent size of the breasts without surgery.

Compression Vest Descriptions


Gynecomastia Compression Vest

Gynecomastia Vest MV110

Gynecomastia Vest

Morris Designs’ Gynecomastia Vest, MV110, is our most popular male vest. This post surgical compression vest is designed to be nearly invisible under most clothing. It has an adjustable hook and eye front closure and uses Velcro on the adjustable shoulders. The MV110 is available in white in standard sizes XS-XL. Custom ordering for other sizes is available.

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Gynecomastia Vest – No Velcro

There is also a “No Velcro” version of the Gynecomastia Vest, MV110NV. This compression vest is identical to the MV110 except that it does not have velcro adjustable shoulders.

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Gynecomastia T-shirt Compression Vest

Gynecomastia T-shirt Vest MV110TS

Gynecomasita T-shirt Vest

The Gynecomastia T-Shirt style vest is the MV110TS. This is a pull on compression vest without any closures. This version is nearly invisible under even tight fitting clothing. The MV110TS is available in white in standard sizes XS-XL. Custom ordering for other sizes is available.

Price: $84 Buy Now

Zippered Male Compression Vest

Zippered Male Vest Style 11

Zippered Male Vest

Our other men’s compression vest is the Zippered Male Vest Style 11.

This vest is zippered, has additional reinforcement in the chest and abdominal area and a four inch waistband. The additional reinforcement offers greater compression in the chest and abdominal area compared to our other vests. It is also our only male vest offered in black. The Zippered Male Vest is available in beige and black in standard sizes XS-XL. Other sizes are available through custom ordering.

Price: $112 Buy Now


The Men’s Compression Vests are designed to support the upper torso, upper back, and breast areas. These post surgical vests are designed for support during the recovery from male breast surgery, chest surgery, upper abdominal surgery, or liposuction. These compression vests reduce swelling, protect, and support the breast/chest and upper abdominal areas.

The Gynecomastia vests can also be used to reduce the visibility of the breasts and to smooth the torso after rapid weight loss. This may be an adequate alternative to surgery for some.

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